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Quelques mots sur moi

Materials :
- Pc : for calculation
- Camera : ZENITH E., Chopper of light
- Telescope diameter : 203 mm

Subject :
- Heliocentric calculations geocentric trajectories

Work :
- Exploitation and balistic analyses of the luminous traces observed on photographs

Why Revosat ?

The adventure
(revosat = satellite revolution)

A web site, : a place of exchanges and debates, questions, studies of observations, results of research and information on the space events passed or to come…A software called REVOSAT to facilitate our orbital calculations of artificial satellites.

The History

All started in 1999 with the observations of stations MIR then ISS. After many observations, it appeared that many informations given by the media on the shuttles and/or the satellites of observations were not completely exact… Some luminous objects were not in the right place at the right time (these ” disappointments ” are unfortunately frequent).

Then, the objective was not only the observation of satellites but also the analysis of no identified luminous objects! Software REVOSAT was born at that time.

Today, the site allows interested people to take part fully in this adventure.

Thanks to the observers to enrich the data exchanged by their photographs or simple visual locations.

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