suivi des satellites artificiels

07 juin 2008

List of Satellite observed

COROT SOYOUZ METEOR 1-7 OKEAN O rocket GENESIS 1 COSMOS 807, 1025, 1220... UARS HELIOS 1A Rocket IRIDIUM 30 ABRIXAS SEASAT 1 TOPEX-POSEIDON TERRA (NASA environment) ISS ROSAT ARIANE V LACROSSE 2, 3, 4, 5... MOLNIYA ROSETTA ENVISAT Shuttle ENDEAVOUR STS 113 SATXX (not identified) See all list here : recap_sat_2006_2007
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07 avril 2003

How to observe satellites

Today, with using REVOSAT’s software it is easy to know the decreasing height of the station, then the increasing height by the boosting of the shuttle or supply vehicle.But also after the departure of the shuttles from the Cape Canaveral, their passage , over Picardy, and even to locate the stages used for the setting on orbit and to see sometimes the docking and dedocking of the shuttles from ISS before their return on Earth. To do that, two technicals approach are available : 1> Visible satellite on a... [Lire la suite]
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