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07 mai 2008



On march 2008, we computed the spells of visibility and the unusual movement of perigee of USA 193(the argument of perigee had been kept ~100° to destroy more easily that satellite).
On April, with the last two line elements, we computed the last positions of the satellite.
The last TLE epoch are 12.4 H TU on 21 February 2008.
RAAN 26.1°
Arg perigee 100.08°

Mean anomaly 260.14. So (100+260=360°), the satellite is on the ascending node ie latitude=0°
The sidereal time of Greenwich at that epoch is 339° so the longitude is
360-339+26.1=47.1 east  or 313°.
We see too that, during that spell of visibility, the transits are ascending.
With that point of reference we computed the time of the first  transit near the latitude of Auffargis ~50°.
We found .25 hour after 12.4H and we computed  the positions two orbits after two orbits (~3 hours).
Finally we got that USA 193 transited over Dunkerque in FRANCE (lat 51.2/lo. 358°) at 6.24+12.4=18.64 TU on 21 February 08 and over Hawai at 15.05+12.4=27.45=3.45 or 3h 27mn TU.
It has been destroyed 6 revolutions after its transit over FRANCE. The debris may have been seen from CANADA. Their height are over 400 Kms and could transit around Earth over a year with the same inclination 58/59°.

From the curve speed versus anomaly we saw that V of the satellite was ~27900 kms/H compared to V missile~ 8000 kms/H. To hit successfully that satellite has really been a feat though the trajectory was well known before.

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